Direct Mail Marketing – Part 1

What is direct mail marketing? Direct Mail marketing is marketing whereby an individual sends promotional offers through the mail. Example: I am a mechanic so I send discounts for oil changes to everyone within my area. Direct mail campaigns are kind of complicated if you don’t know where to start so we’ll help give you a primer. We’ll talk about...

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What is a conversion rate

A conversion rate is the rate at which you convert visitors to customers. Example. I have a software product that makes spreadsheets and I have 100,000 visitors who come and see the product. If 1% of the visitors end up buying the product then I will have 1,000 sales. Conversion rates are related to the audience, a more targeted audience...

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Precision Marketing

Precision marketing is the opposite of Shotgun Marketing and is where you send fewer messages to a more targeted demographics. Examples may include getting all the doctor mail addresses within an area and sending them an offer through the mail, responding to postings requesting services on a job board, or door to door selling. The main difference between precision and...

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